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TV Music Director

The business of music in TV and Films is a complex one – coordinating performers, recording and shooting is a vital specialty to creating memorable entertainment.

I’ve worked on everything from independent film to major network TV shows including Empire, Fargo, Boss, The Exorcist, Chicago Med and most recently Ordinary Joe and The Big Leap.  In my work, I’ve solved production problems and logistical nightmares for my shows, discovered and introduced a world of talented musicians and singers to new opportunities, created new featured and incidental music for productions on demand and directed and maximized the performances of everyone I work with – from a band of talented tango musicians to working with music stars like Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, Biz Markie, Patti LaBelle & Jennifer Hudson.  I’ve also been executive producing my own musical TV shows for PBS including “The Horatio Alger Association for Distinguished Americans” and “I Am Ireland” featuring Irish tenor, Paddy Homan.

In recent years, I’ve worked closely in partnership with the extraordinary vocalist and vocal producer Jeff Morrow through an initiative we created called City Music Group LLC to bring original musical content and our production skills to television.  In addition to Empire (Fox), together we have worked on Lovecraft Country (HBO), Lightyears (Amazon Prime), The 4400 (CBS) and Ordinary Joe (NBC) and The Big Leap (Fox).

When you need an experienced pro with a deep network of musicians, singers and production resources, together with my team I’m ready to give your production the leadership it needs in the music department.

TV productions we have been a part of for the past decade

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