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Record Producer / Music Director for Recording Projects

Recording is the opportunity we have to perfect the nuances of musical performance and capture those moments for all time. Because of my love of music, I’ve been the creator and curator of many musical recordings – from self-funding my own passion projects in jazz, pop and inspirational music to enhancing and sweetening recordings of major artists for television, to producing full-length concept albums and working alongside other music producers including Jeff Morrow, Don Was and David Foster.  Whether you’re looking for a music producer to lead or an expert to sweeten and enhance your production, together with my team we have the resources that makes the difference.

You will find samples of my work on the MUSIC & VIDEO tab of this web site.

“There’s nothing in the world worse than having an opportunity that you’re not prepared for. Good luck usually follows the collision of opportunity and preparation – it’s a result of that collision. So, make your mistakes now and make them quickly. If you’ve made the mistakes, you know what to expect the next time. That’s how you become valuable.”

Quincy Jones

Photo By Michael Jackson